Spousal Support Is Designed To Help The Lesser Party In Divorce Cases

Everyone is an individual, and living together with someone over a period of many years can create changes that can either make you grow closer together or grow further apart. If you and your spouse are experiencing marital distress and are considering divorce, you may want to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable Albany attorney that may be able to help you to understand your rights under the divorce laws in New York. There are many changes that have taken place concerning the collaborative law, and a knowledgeable Albany attorney will be able to tell you what those changes are and how they may affect you in cases of divorce. In this manner, you can also protect your personal as well as some marital property, in addition to your individual rights under the law.

When it comes to a divorce, many couples face child custody and support issues, as well as spousal support decrees when they decide to divorce or separate. There are many couples that can reach an amicable agreement together, concerning spousal support. Spousal support is specially designed to ensure that neither spouse is left with an insurmountable financial burden. Other couples cannot reach an amicable agreement concerning spousal support, so you may want to consider speaking with a spousal support lawyer that may be able to help you come up with the most equitable and fair spousal support order for your unique situation. In many cases, solutions for spousal support do not come very quickly. This is because spousal support is different from child support because there is no particular formula that is followed to calculate the amount of spousal support to be paid and received. The Hill Law Group, a family law firm located in Las Vegas, stipulates that the court awards spousal support based on the facts of your divorce case, as well as prior case laws.

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