Risk Of Injuries And Extensive Harm From Dangerous Products

A defective or dangerous product is one that causes physical illness or injury to an individual as a result of improper labeling or defect in the product. Here is a list of few injuries from dangerous products that one must be vigilant about.

. Asbestos Exposure: Asbestos is a set of minerals with microscopic fibers that are resistant to fire, heat and chemicals. When products containing asbestos are disturbed, these fibers are released in the air. When they are inhaled in, they get trapped in the lungs and lead to chronic health problems like lung injuries, coughing, mesothelioma, skin and hair allergies etc.

. Chemical Exposure: Almost all employees are exposed to dangerous chemicals like cadmium, mercury, pesticides, acids, solvents etc. Some of the common injuries that can occur from chemical exposure includes rashes, burns, ilimoww lga lung injuries, throat injuries, etc.

. Lead Poisoning: A common source of lead poisoning at workplace is construction matter. Exposure to high levels of lead causes injuries to intestines, damages kidneys and bones, causes cramping and pain in the abdomen and also affects the reproductive and nervous systems.

Therefore beware of these dangerous products!

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