Malpractice laws in portland

The Law Offices of Jonathan Friedman believes that people and professionals working in the medical field have the responsibility to give accurate information concerning your health. Medical professionals have in many occasions given inaccurate diagnosis or performed unnecessary surgeries which may lead to personal injuries. Such legal malpractices can be termed to be a form of negligence from the professionals. An example of medical malpractice include, a surgeon operating on the wrong limb or body part or a surgeon leaving a surgical instruments inside a patient after operation.
Medical malpractice cases are complex and difficult at times. Medical records act as evidence to understand more about the case. Legal malpractice laws in Portland are flexible and favor the client. We believe that patients should expect best care practices from their doctors and medical facilities in general. There is no excuse for harming for harming patients with faulty procedures or improper use of prescription drugs.

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